7.5kW off grid Solar Power SystemPatagonia Outdoor Clothing and Gear have a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030

After studying the electricity consumption of their head office in Torquay, we created a solar power system that reduces their electricity consumption by 70-80%

Because of winter shading issues and monitoring capabilities, we installed a micro inverter system. It is a 15kw solar Power system,290-watt panels and enphase micro inverters

A micro inverter system is slightly more expensive, but the benefit is when shade comes on the solar panels, it only affects the performance of the shaded panels, not the whole system.


Solar Power install at Patagonia Outdoor Clothing and Gear shop, Torquay Victoria

Solar Power installBecause of roof space we were limited to the number of solar panels we could install and what we could achieve, but with a well-planned design using an Enphase micro invertor system and 290-Watt solar panels we were able to reduce their electricity consumption by 60-70%


craig andres