At A Grade Power & Solar, we strive to make solar energy accessible and convenient for all those looking to make the switch. We provide high quality products that will help you save money and reduce your energy consumption, considerably reducing your carbon footprint. Not only do we help you switch to solar energy, we also solve your solar battery storage Melbourne problems, so you never have to worry about running out of power.

Solar battery storage Melbourne is the perfect solution for those living with a residential off grid solar power system. Once your solar power system is installed, any excess energy generated by your solar panels is stored away in a solar battery for whenever you need it next. By using solar panels to generate electricity that is then stored in batteries, you are able to create a self-sufficient island of energy in your home. The battery kicks in at night or when sun exposure is not optimal, so you can continue using power-operated appliances in your home even when there’s no Sun.

An added benefit of off grid solar power systems and solar battery storage is that your household with remain unaffected by power outages as you are not connected to the grid. Instead, your solar battery will provide your home with power.

Home Battery Solar Energy Storage Batteries

At A Grade Power & Solar, we specialise in solar energy storage batteries for the home. We are passionate about providing our customers with renewable energy solutions for their home and business. We have a skilled team of solar professionals, designers and installers, who provide the latest and most effective solar technology to suit every need and budget. We provide both LG Chem and BYD batteries, depending on your needs.

Consider investing in a residential solar system for its many benefits. A sound financial investment, a solar system will help you save on your electricity bill from day one, considerably reducing your household expenses. This translates to a rough return on investment of up to 30% per year, for years to come. In a way, the solar system will pay for itself in a handful of years.

Get a head start on solar energy today and contact us at A Grade Power & Solar. Help us take our vision for a solar powered world even further by joining the solar movement. In doing so you will be promoting a clean planet with limitless potential.

Residential Off Grid Solar Power Systems With Solar Battery Storage

Our dedicated team in A Grade Power and Solar will guide you every step of the way in achieving a better tomorrow by reducing your electricity bills with our Residential Off Grid Solar Power Systems with Solar Battery Storage. Start by calling our licensed A Grade solar panel installers today.