Powering your home exclusively on solar energy is a dream we would like to help you realise. At A Grade Power & Solar, our expert team has helped many homeowners save on their power bills by setting up on grid solar power systems Australia in their own homes. We aim to make switching to solar energy an easy choice so that you can save on costs while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. For those who prefer to be off grid, we also install residential off grid solar power systems.

On grid solar power systems are the most commonly used systems for households. Using the same basic principles of harnessing solar power, solar panels will convert solar energy into DC power, which is then converted to AC power by a solar inverter. The solar electricity that is not consumed by the household is exported back to the electricity grid if the system is providing more energy than the house needs. The consumer gets paid credits or a feed-in-tariff (FiT) for the excess energy exported. There is no solar battery storage in the case of on grid solar power systems.

Residential on grid solar power systems require virtually no maintenance as the entire system is devoid of any moving parts that could potentially malfunction. Furthermore, the solar panels are encased in tempered glass housing, making them weather-proof and resistant to most kinds of damage. This means that once you install the solar system on your roof, you can forget about it and let it do the work.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

A Grade Power & Solar’s team of solar professionals, designers and installers will provide you with the best service in residential solar panel installation using the latest and most effective solar technology that suits your needs and budget.

Installing a residential solar system is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Once installed, it will generate free electricity for you and your family year after year using the most powerful resource known to man – the sun. This will help you substantially reduce your electricity bills, or even eliminate them altogether, while still allowing you the comfort and luxury of using your favourite electrical gadgets.

At A Grade Power & Solar, we use and install only the highest quality products available in the market. We supply only fully accredited Tier 1 Solar Panels, quality inverters and roof fittings. We rely on local expertise and technical back-up that is readily available and all our installers are solar accredited professionals.

Residential On Grid Solar Power System Projects

Our team at A Grade Power and Solar have helped many homeowners save lots of money from their power bills by setting up On Grid Solar Power System in their own homes. Start saving money by calling your A Grade Solar Panel Installers to know your options.