Residential Off-Grid Solar Power Systems installer

Your family comes first and that is why you deserve an A grade residential solar power systems solution

Declare Your Independence; your household shouldn’t be at the mercy of the next electric bill. Having your own residential solar power systems can help you cut energy costs, lock in energy rates, and take a giant step toward energy independence. It’s time to take back control of your power.

AGPS can provide you with complete design and build turn-key solutions with our Residential Solar Powered System applications. We will handle all permits and rebate paperwork to make going solar easy.

Not all solar is the same. The performance and longevity of your solar system depend on the technology you choose. By using carefully selected quality products, equipment and effective installation techniques, we are able to produce results of the highest standard.

Call our professional solar consultants in Australia to find out what kind of residential solar application is right for you.

Residential solar applications can create financial perks into your household

Lower power bills

Solar electricity is sourced directly from sunlight which is free and self‐sustaining. Solar panels work hard 24/7 to soak up and convert rays into energy. So this renewable energy source powers up your home while powering down your electricity bills. Join the many Australian’s already enjoying significant savings using solar power for home.

Australian Government rebates

Solar electricity truly does pay. Cash in on the Australian Government’s renewable energy rebates. Solar credits let you generate & sell several Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme allows you to profit by selling excess solar electricity back to your power provider.

More Energy = Greater Savings

Our professional solar consultants understand that when your residential solar power systems delivers more energy, you can realize greater total savings on your electricity bills… day one, month one, and for decades to come.

Increase the value of your home

The financial benefits of a residential solar power systems are extensive, it also enables you to have significant financial investment returns and increase the value of your home.

Solar is green and green is the new black

Going solar power systems for your household not only provides financial perks but most importantly, it lets you have environmental friendly contributions for a cleaner future including;

  • Conservation of natural resources like fossil fuels
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions & waste
  • Doing your bit for the environment by cutting your carbon footprint
  • Securing a clean renewable energy source for future generations

So link into limitless solar electricity with its abundant financial and environmental benefits. Contact AGPS professional solar consultants today for leading renewable energy solutions in Australia.

Power up your household with residential solar powered systems

Our primary objective is to give our customers the highest quality solar products at an affordable price in Victoria and NSW area.

We only supply fully accredited Tier 1 Solar Panels for home, quality Inverters and roof fittings with local expertise and technical back-up readily available. A GRADE SOLAR AUSTRALIA installs only have the highest quality products available in the market.

Our installers are all solar accredited professionals. We achieve customer satisfaction by honouring our commitments, exceeding expectations, and providing the highest quality products, installation and service.

We will use any feedback from you, other customers and our installers to ensure top service and value. Our attention to detail is absolute and our primary concern is to achieve a continuously high customer satisfaction rate.

Protect your business against the rising cost of electricity

Ready to take the first step towards solar solutions?

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