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If you’re ready to be connected with nature’s renewable energy, contact us at A Grade Power and Solar today.

Our range of energy solutions for residential and commercial sites are the perfect way for you to save money on electricity all while helping to reduce your environmental impact.

Our expert team can offer the installation of a large variety of services to best suit your residential or commercial needs. Are you after on grid solar panels Australia or off grid solar panels Australia to start harnessing the power of the sun? Our team has already helped customers across Australia by installing solar panels that best suited their requirements. We have a vast range of options to allow us to best cater to your needs. Get in touch today to find out how A Grade Power and Solar can help you.

We can provide our services to commercial projects and residential projects alike. At A Grade Power and Solar, we are the providers of end-to-end solutions to big and small applications. Our team of solar professionals, designers and installers can provide your home or business with the most effective, latest solar solutions to meet your needs and stick to your budget. Our experienced team provides our services with the highest attention to care and quality. We are dedicated to delivering the best commercial solar power systems and residential solar power systems in Australia.

Are you also on the lookout for installers of solar batteries for your home or business to optimise your solar system and create the highest return on investment? We offer a massive range of batteries to meet your specific needs. We are your answer for any solar battery storage Australia needs. Get in touch today to find out the best options for you.

At A Grade Power and Solar, we are passionate about allowing homes and businesses to capture the power of the sun and achieving energy efficiency. Installing a solar system will protect you from rising electricity prices, bring significant return on investment and increase the value of your home or business.

Every successful solar power project starts with a free consultation and a free quote. Our solar consultants can help you find out how solar can save you money. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use and financial goals. It’s quick and easy.

Solar power is the way of the future, at A Grade Power and Solar, we implore you to take the first step into a more sustainable future today.