Solar Power system with Micro InvertersThe team from A Grade Power and Solar installed an off grid solar power system on this customer’s farm in Euroa a few years ago.
He was so pleased with the performance and reliability of the off grid solar power system, he asked us to install a Solar Power system on his house in Yarrambat.

Current performance and long term goal.

After checking his current usage and the where the solar power panels were going to be placed, we installed a 28 panel 8.12kW solar power system.
Because of some shading issues, we installed a micro inverter system to make sure he always got maximum performance from every solar panel.

Plus,we have installed a solar power system bigger than his current needs for the addition of solar power battery storage in the future .

Apart from helping shading, the micro systems have a complete monitoring system and this means the solar output can be seen in real time, what they are consuming and what the system is producing.
The benefit for the owner is that it can help modify their current electricity usage patterns and maximum the full potential of their Solar Power System.

craig andres